What should you expect:

I am undeniably myself. “Amy” and I are the same person, there is no act or façade. When you meet me, you meet me. Time spent behind closed doors is ever so much more enjoyable when we can be ourselves.

What I ask of you:

Good hygiene, kindness and respect. I am easy to please, there is no judgment, no expectations, no stress. 

Shower: I ask you to shower prior to arrival, or if need be I am happy to offer you facilities.

Facial hair: If you shave your facial hair please do so until it is silky smooth just before our meeting. Whilst a 5 o’clock shadow might look sexy, those “barely there” hairs cause me physical pain whilst kissing. I genuinely enjoy kissing, but not when it feels like kissing sandpaper. If you let me know in advance I am happy to allow additional time for you to shave.

I love a beautiful beard/mustache; if it requires trimming please do so a couple of days before our meeting to allow time for the hairs to round and soften as again freshly cut hairs feel sharp whilst kissing.

Body hair: I adore hair, on your face, chest, body, anywhere. Please don’t feel you need to remove it.

The Fine Print:


I understand traffic is fickle and out of our control, but if you are running late (or expect to) please keep me apprised of you estimated time of arrival. I will allow a fifteen minute grace period when possible.


I reserve my time months in advance. In doing so I decline personal and professional engagements. I understand that life is unpredictable and plans change. I simply ask that you inform me of your intent to cancel as soon as possible. In showing this sign of respect you will be welcome to re-book in the future.


Secure your booking and ensure my visit during interstate/international adventures.
Deposits are non-refundable; they may be transferred to my next visit/tour if the change is made prior to 48hours of our agreed on time together.
Changes and cancellations made within 48hours of our time together forfeits the deposit.
Cancellations made to the transferred booking at any stage will forfeit the deposit.
If you would like to arrange a booking after this, another deposit will be required.

If I need to cancel for any reason you will be refunded in full.

Contact Me

I only accept a limited number of engagement’s each week.

Should you wish to arrange a time to meet, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.