My testimonials have been lifted from my Scarlet Blue Profile. 

What an absolute pleasure it was to spend time with Amy on her tour to Hobart. She is so very easy to talk to, funny, full of positive energy and a cheeky smile that is extremely contagious. I was nervures at fist but what passed shall be a secret. I will be defiantly rebooking a longer booking with Amy in the future.
Amy what can I say, the moment I saw you on Sunday you brightened up a very miserable day weather wise. You are simply amazing. Your smile, your joy and your beautiful personality is simply divine. Every moment spent with you is a moment to treasure. From talking everything geek, to the fun times spent together they are memories I will treasure. Please come back soon as i will miss you. Thank you Amy for being an amazing human and just being you.
I had the pleasure of spending time with Amy today. It was a rainy day in Sydney but to be honest, the commute and getting drenched in the rain was worth it. She made me feel instantly comfortable, was easy to talk to and laugh with. She is a little pocket rocket in bed and its the first time where I have experienced someone who enjoyed receiving oral as much as she did. At one point, she almost fell off the bed. What you see on her ad is what you get - 100% authentic person with bubbly personality and fun to be with. She knows her craft well. Do yourselves a favour and go see her. You will not regret it (unlike me. I wish I had booked her for longer). I am really looking forward to seeing her when she is next in Sydney.
Amy is the most relatable person that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is the ultimate companion! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend Amy Pond.
Amy is an adorable geek. Fun and sexy and playful and silly, she is a delight to spend time with. Plus she makes a killer cup of tea. (That is not a euphemism).
What to say I first meet some time ago she so lovely and friendly easy to chat it was like if she was a friend you haven't seen in a long time. If you ever get chance to spend time with her you will understand. She is a beautiful lovely sexy lady with an awesome smile. She gives the best cuddles. Amy is just around great company to be with.
I had the pleasure of spending time lovely Amy, she is cute like my favourite actress Amy Jackson. I love the conversation with her immediately after I enter into amazing apartment. She always have very cute smile and her smile made me feel good. She is redhead beautiful and small touch make her red. I really enjoyed every moment spent with Amy. She is nice with sweet looks and she treated very well. Amy - Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to meet you again. You are the best. I hope you always smile in your life.
I've had the pleasure of meeting Amy on very short notice when I contacted her literally a day before we met. She was the DEFINITION of perfection when I laid my eyes on her. I threw a few corny and quirky remarks and lines, mainly to ease my nerves to be completely honest, as I am nervous around beautiful women, so needless to say when Amy greeted me in the entrance, I was petrified! But her amazing personality coupled with the warmth of her hands on the cheeks of my face rejuvenated my very being. Amy is the kind of person you would want to spend an eternity with just staring into her eyes, but then again ... a woman's eyes are this man's weakness, as is her supple skin. I can only hope that she would continue seeing me in the future, for a world absent of her embrace is not a life in which this man would care to entertain.
Amy is such a beautiful lady I was lucky enough to spend few hours with her. She welcomed me with one of her amazing cuddles at the door. I really enjoyed her company she takes you feel relaxed as claim when you are with her. I could spend days lost in her eyes seating back drink cups of tea and chatting with her. Treat Amy with the up most respect she deserves you will hopefully have a special time with her.
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